Adventure Sailing; A Perfect Holiday

There is no better way to experience the landscape of Scotland than through an adventure sailing holiday. By doing this, you can leisurely take in the sites, eat food and visit local restaurants and pubs. Under the supervision of experienced sailors, you can learn to sail the Scottish winds and take in the sites.

Camera equipment

A camera records images, either as a still photograph or as moving images known as a video of film. A camera equipment generally consists of an enclosed hollow with an opening (aperture) at one end for light to enter, and a recording or viewing surface for capturing the light at the other end. Most cameras have a lens in front of the camera''s opening to gather the incoming light and focus all or part of the image on the recording surface.  There are several different types of camera and also several types of equipment to enhance the camera.

Sealer For Stone Materials

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Tracks For Your Curtains

With most things, the more you put in the more you get out of it. That is the same way with curtain tracks. curtain tracks can vary greatly in style and price. The more expensive ones are designed the hold heavier curtains while the less expensive ones are standard but can still look unique and compatible with your curtain.

Find the Best Ways To Get Rid of Lice

Meet The Hairforce. We are a highly skilled team of Lice Assassins who can eliminate your lice problem, no problem.We are equipped - with LiceMiester combs, lice hoovers, daylight bulbs, magnifying visors, plus a crucial streak of ruthlessness to get rid of lice.


Pharoah Press


A mummy is a corpse whose skin and organs have been preserved by either intentional or incidental exposure to chemicals, extreme coldness, very low humidity, or lack of air when bodies are submerged in bogs. Presently, the oldest discovered (naturally) mummified human corpse was a decapitated head dated as 6,000 years old and was found in 1936. The earliest known Egyptian "mummified" individual dates back to approximately 3300 BC. This individual, nicknamed 'Ginger' because of the color of his hair, is not internationally renowned despite being older than other famous mummies, such as Rameses II or Seti I. Currently on display in the British Museum, Ginger was discovered buried in hot desert sand. Desert conditions can naturally preserve bodies so it is uncertain whether the mummification was intentional or not. However, since Ginger was buried with some pottery vessels it is likely that the mummification was a result of preservation techniques of those burying him. Stones might have been piled on top to prevent the corpse from being eaten by jackals and other scavengers and the pottery might have held food and drink which was later believed to sustain the deceased during the journey to the other world.

Mummies of humans and other animals have been found throughout the world, both as a result of natural preservation through unusual conditions, and as cultural artifacts to preserve the dead. Over 1 million animal mummies have been found in Egypt, many of which are cats.It takes 70 days to bury them and finish doing all of their work.



Pharaoh is a title used in many modern discussions of the ancient Egyptian rulers of all periods. In antiquity this title began to be used for the ruler who was the religious and political leader of united ancient Egypt. This was true only during the New Kingdom, specifically during the middle of the eighteenth dynasty. For simplification, however, there is a general acceptance amongst modern writers to use the term to relate to all periods.

Pharaoh, meaning "Great House", originally referred to the king's palace, but by the reign of Thutmose III in the New Kingdom had become a form of address for the person of the king. The Egyptian term for the ruler himself was, "King of Upper and Lower Egypt", literally "he of the sedge and the bee", the sedge and the bee being the symbols for Upper and Lower Egypt, respectively. Also "King of the Two Lands".

This double kingship was expressed in the Pschent, the double crown combining the red crown of Lower Egypt (Deshret) and the white crown of Upper Egypt (Hedjet).


News Media

The news media refers to the section of the mass media that focuses on presenting current news to the public. These include print media (newspapers, magazines); broadcast media (radio stations, television stations, television networks), and increasingly Internet-based media (World Wide Web pages, weblogs).

Newscasters function at large stations and networks that usually specialize in a particular type of news, such as sports or weather. Weathercasters, also called weather reporters, report current and forecast weather conditions. They gather information from national satellite weather services, wire services, and local and regional weather bureaus. Some weathercasters are trained meteorologists and develop their own weather forecasts. Sportscasters select, write, and deliver sports news. This may include interviews with sports personalities and coverage of games and other sporting events.